Kristal Apartments
Kristal Apartments
  • Kristal Apartments

    The work is as important

    Giving comfort to all our clients to have a happy and enjoyable experience as well as find some peace of mind while on business.
  • Big Collection Experience

    Enjoy the poolside with a warm atmosphere and beautiful botany
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    Beauty in all shapes, sizes and colors

  • Food, Kindness, Happiness

    Using the freshest ingredients to give you the best food dining experience.

Clients we accept

Due to our strict relationship with clients, companies and partners locally as well as internationally, we would like to inform that we do not accept people for tourism purposes. Strictly business clients and partners allowed on request.

Kristal Apartments Standard bedroom

Making standard spaces beautiful

Beautiful bedrooms with focus on your comfort, offering a good night's rest as well as amazing interior to give a feeling relaxation.

Our Work

Arts, Poolside view, Fresh air and Botany outside, you name it. All available and enjoyable at your preference to take in the Surinamese feel of nature and culture at one place

We believe in creating delight through beautiful interiors.

Beautiful Surinamese interior that offer an insight to Surinamese Craftsmanship, Culture and Passion with appreciation to various different artists

Our Recent Projects

Beautifying the interiors of your apartment detail by detail.

Bedroom Detailing
Private Balcony
Bathroom Detailing